The way we work



The construction and management of orders are structured according to an operational model consolidated over time, which has now become an integral part of the company organization. It is structured along a horizontal axis that defines/redefines things to be donehow they have to be done and with whom (redesign and reconfiguration on the one hand and supplier partnerships on the other); and along a vertical axis that organizes activitiesplans them temporally and controls their progress (organization of orders, activity planning system, control of costs and financial flows on the one hand, site organization, flow of operations and control system of work progress, on the other).



The order is analyzed as a whole, identifying critical areas for economic value and/or technological complexity. Afterwards, with priorities defined from time to time, we proceed with all the in-depth analyses of the case for technologically homogeneous parts (foundations, structures, shells, roofs, systems …) and for functionally interdependent areas (structural stability and space optimization; energy performance and shell, structures and heat bridges, acoustics and ergonomics, materials and stratigraphies…). For any positive outcome from the search for qualitatively more convincing, more efficient and more reliable solutions, we carry out an autonomous reconfiguration of the project. The conclusions are promoted during the tender and, if accepted, they are defined up to construction details, during realization.


PARTNERSHIP WITH SUPPLIERS: choice of travel companions

The company, starting from a technological segmentation of supply markets, over time has create a portfolio of reference suppliers. Actual partners, selected based on recognized skills and abilities, are the actors of a network of stable relationships. From the early stages of redesign, they are involved in research, each for its own scope, of the best solutions in terms of qualityefficiency and innovation.


PLANNING: organization of activities and site organization

The organization of operating activities is planned at macro level already during the offer stage. Criticalities are identified, and the most appropriate solutions sought at a preliminary level. Once the order has been acquired, we proceed with the planning of all activities, identifying critical paths. Compatibly with timing, before starting works, the whole organization of the construction site is defined and planned, with macro time structuressecurity systems and logistics.


CONTROL: management of operations, economic management, financial management

Competition levels are constantly increasing. Customers are more and more demanding about pricequalityflexibilityversatilitysafetyefficiency. Each order is managed with advanced operating, economic and financial control systems, able to confirm or modify the work plan on a weekly and/or monthly basis. These systems, by now tested over time, allow us to identify, in due time, operative constraintsto know saturations and bottlenecks and to measure efficienciescosts and profitability.

(Site and headquarter) human resources and (market and proprietary) information technology constitute now an integrated, disciplined and reliable organizational system.